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workshop introduction
AWAY IS A PLACE. art approaching local resistance against global injustice
Thursday July 21, 2011
Nicolas Bourriaud: Relational Aesthetics, 1998
Grant Kester: Community and Conversation in Modern Art, 2004
Marco Scotini: Towards a "modern" genealogy of the many
xz.gif.ru/numbers/digest-2005-2007/genealogy-of-the-many (06/09/2011)

Aesthetics of Sustainabilty. art interventions beyond green
Friday, July 22, 2011
Wangari Maathai, Green Belt Movement in Kenya: The Cracked Mirror,
Resurgence Magazine, 2004
www.greenbeltmovement.org (06/09/2011)
Carlo McCormick, Marc and Sara Schiller, Ethel Seno Trespass:
A history of uncommissioned urban art, 2010
Artists and projects
Linda Weintraub, Skip Schuckmann: Avant-Guardians, textlets on art and ecology,
with artists and their works
www.avant-guardians.com (06/09/2011)
Beyond Green. toward a sustainable art, exhibition e-catalog,
Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, 2005
Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, Environmental & Ecological Artists
Prinzessinnengärten Urban Agriculture , Berlin, Germany
prinzessinnengarten.net/about (06/09/2011)

Right to the City and to the Land. art, public space and activism
Tuesday July 26, 2011
Right to the City Movement
Henri Lefčbvre: The Urban Revolution, 1970
David Harvey: The Right To The City, New Left Review 53, 2008
www.newleftreview.org/?view=2740 (06/09/2011)
Jean Baudrillard: Kool Killer, or the Insurrection of Signs, 1975
Kool Killer pdf (French -> English)
Right to the City Congress, 2011 in Hamburg
kongress.rechtaufstadt.net (German -> English; 06/09/2011)
Reclaiming citizenship in Ghana
Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI)
sdinet.org/documents/doc1.htm (06/09/2011)
About mission, goals and activities of
The Ghana Homeless People's Federation (GHPF)
People's Dialogue on Human Settlements (PD)
Afiah Afenah: (Re)claiming Citizenship Rights in Accra, Ghana. Community mobilization against the illegal forced eviction of residents in the Old Fadama settlement, 2010
base.d-p-h.info/fr/fiches/dph/fiche-dph-8430.html (06/09/2011)
Demolishing of Agbogbloshie railway slum is a violation of theri rights as citizens -
Amnesty International blurts out, 2010
www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=176440479047232&comments (06/09/2011)
Isaac Yeboah: Amnesty, WISEEP plead humanised evictions at Agbogbloshie,
Modern Ghana 2010
www.modernghana.com/news/308023/1/amnesty-wiseep-plead-humanised-evictions-at-agbogb.html (06/09/2011)
Agbogbloshie slum dwellers threaten naked demonstration, Joy News 2010
&Itemid=233 (06/09/2011)
Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh, Stephen Odoi-Larbi: Forced evictions dent Ghana's Human Rights image, The Chronicle 2011
The Chronicle (06/09/2011)
6,000 To Lose Houses As KMA Demolishes 2 Settlements,
The Ghanain Times/Modern Ghana 2006
www.modernghana.com/news/100706/1/6000-to-lose-houses-as-kma-demolishes-2-settlement.html (06/09/2011)
Karen, Tatiana Montiel Lopez: Financing housing improvements in slum communities
in Ghana: The case of the Kumasi Metropolis, KNUST College of Architecture and
Planning, 2011
dspace.knust.edu.gh/dspace/handle/123456789/2210 (06/09/2011)
Abahlali baseMjodolo Movement, Durban, South Africa
www.abahlali.org (06/09/2011)
Anti-Privatisation Forum, South Africa
apf.org.za/spip.php?article2&lang=en (06/09/2011)
Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee SECC, Johannesburg, South Africa
libcom.org/community-struggles-in-south-africa-1994-2004 (06/09/2011)
www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=11501 (06/09/2011)
Salvem El Cabanyal/Cabanyal Open Doors, Valencia, Spain
www.cabanyal.com (06/09/2011)
Our Treasure - The Market, Hunyadi Market in Budapest, Hungary
Art projects
Re-Painting The Red
In: digital catalog Kumasi Crossroads - global kiosk affairs,
Kumasi Symposium "Tapping Local Resources for Sustainable Education through Art", 2009 www.wandsbektransformance.de/news.html (06/09/2011)
about colonial monuments and cultures of remembrance, Hamburg, Germany
www.afrika-hamburg.de (06/09/2011)
wandsbektransformance. The Colonial in the Present
colonial vestiges in urban space, Hamburg, Germany
www.wandsbektransformance.de (06/09/2011)
Park Fiction, Hamburg, Germany
www.parkfiction.org/2006/01/112.html (06/09/2011)
Chto Delat? What Is To Be Done?, St. Petersburg, Russia
www.chtodelat.org (06/09/2011)
Sarai Media Lab/Cyber Mohalla, New Delhi/India
www.sarai.net (06/09/2011)
Ala Plastica, La Plata, Argentina
www.alaplastica.org.ar/grafica/ingbrief.pdf (06/09/2011)
Border Arts Workshop BAW/TAF in Maclovio Rojas/Borderhack, Tijuana, Mexiko
www.borderartworkshop.com (06/09/2011)
Cantieri Isola and Office for Urban Transformation OUT , Milan, Italy
www.officeforurbantransformation.org/# (06/09/2011)
Superflex, Denmark
www.superflex.net (06/09/2011)

story telling workshop
Sasabonsam meets Tantalus. of bush spirits and vanadium heroes.
exposure to natural sources in myths, narration and art
Wednesday July 27, 2011
Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison: Santa Fe Drain Basin:
"Lessons from the Genius of Place", 2003-2008
Italo Calvino: Invisible Cities, Novel, 1972



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