Ayigya Voices
six photographic portraits, six interviews, photographs of public space
Kumasi, Ghana
HMJokinen 2011
Six residents of Ayigya-Zongo in Kumasi, women between 50 and 60 years, tell about their hopes and despairs, dreams and the demanding everyday reality: solidarity, helping hands and good neighbourhood on the one hand, many challenges on the other.
After the interviews Abiba, Adisa and Mariatu spend two more days showing us aspects of their concern in the community surroundings.
My interview partners were extraordinarily open and hospitable, vibrant and inquisitive.
I want to thank for this warm welcome. And I also want to thank the artist Ralitsa Diana Debrah for translating and support.

Views of Ayigya-Zongo during the roundwalk with the interview partners.
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Ayigya Voices exhibited in Ayigya-Zongo and in the workshop space
at the Kumasi University

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