Ayigya-Zongo Community Garden
participatory work in progress
Ralitsa Diana Debrah, 2011
in cooperation with Charlie Michaels, Rex Akinruntan, Daniel S. Ohene and Ayigya children
In interviews, the women of Ayigya-Zongo (s. Ayigya Voices) expressed that youth unemployment is a major challenge in the community. The mothers are worried about the increase in crime arising from the vicious circle between poverty and bleak future prospectives. Another problem often mentioned are the unauthorized garbarge dump sites where people in the community dispose trash since no municipal waste management exists in Ayigya.
On site of an unauthorized garbage dump the artist and the women of Ayigya-Zongo are initiating a community garden for the youth in the neighbourhood. The many discarded plastic water sachets can be used as nursery bags for young plants as presented in the AWAY IS A PLACE exhibition. Organic waste can be separated and processed into manure to fertilize the soil.
The Ayigya-Zongo Community Garden, owned by the residents , will provide fresh produce for healthy organic food for the families, encourage good neighbourly relations and develop a sensibility for environmental issues. The youth of Ayigya can learn skills in gardening which may become an incentive for further motivation and possibilities.

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